88. Noah Radetsky

Undergraduate, Reed College in Portland, Oregon (USA) [09/01/2017--19/01/2017]
Noah Radetsky

Originally from the Bay Area in California, Noah is a student at Reed College in Portland, Oregon majoring in neuroscience. She is particularly interested in researching the mechanisms of memory, learning, and fear responses in the brain using techniques such as EEG and fMRI. Noah recently interned at a neurology clinic and research center in Chicago, Illinois, and plans to serve as a research assistant at a cognitive neuroscience lab at NYU this summer. At the University of Barcelona’s Brainlab, Noah is learning experiment programming & data analysis procedures using Matlab, and is gaining experience in EEG technology. For fun, Noah enjoys reading, playing with her dog, Millie, and learning new tricks with her school’s fire-spinning team. She sincerely thanks the UB Brainlab for welcoming her.