Marta Puertollano

PhD student (FPI candidate)
Marta Puertollano


2017 – Master’s degree in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience, University of Granada

2016 – Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, University of Granada

Research interests

My field of interest is Developmental Neuroscience. With my research, I expect to contribute in setting up new resources for prevention and intervention in cognitive development difficulties that appear in diverse conditions. Specifically, I see language as a crucial area for a healthy maturation in childhood and its development as the most important tool for the kid’s adaptation to the real world.

My research at the Brainlab focuses on building new techniques to detect possible difficulties in encoding speech sounds in the baby from as early as the moment of birth. This is being performed by studying the structural and functional maturation of the auditory nervous system and its relationship with language development.