Jordi Costa-Faidella

Interim Associate Professor. PI: Cerebellum and audio-motor interaction

I am an interim associate professor at the Psychology faculty of the University of Barcelona (UB), at the department of Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology, and research fellow at the Institute of Neurosciences (UB) and the Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu (IRSJD). I received my PhD degree from the UB in 2011, under the supervision of Dr. Carles Escera, after completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master in Neuroscience. I completed a post-doctoral research project funded by the European Marie Curie FP7 IOF program with an outgoing phase in the USA (Nathan S. Kline Institute, NY; PI: Dr. Charles Schroeder), and a return phase at the UB (Brainlab; PI: Dr. Carles Escera).

My research interests focus on audition. Particularly, on how the auditory system manages to encode acoustic regularity aiding predictions in both content and time. I am also interested in speech, music, sensorimotor learning, working memory and practically everything that has to do with sound perception. My technical expertise is in electrophysiology, both human and animal. My current line of research explores the role of the cerebellum in controlled production of pitched sounds.

A list of my publications is available in Google Scholar.



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Book chapters and non indexed journals  

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 Costa-Faidella, J. (2011). Regularity encoding in the auditory brain as revealed by human evoked potentials. University of Barcelona. Director: Carles Escera.