Giannina Puddu

PhD student (CONICYT, Chile)
Giannina Puddu

Since 09/2018 PhD. Student in the doctoral program of “Brain, Cognition and Behavior”, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona-España.
2017-2018 Master’s degree in “Research in Behavior and Cognition”, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona-España.
2010-2012 Master’s degree in “Metodologías de Investigación en Ciencias del Comportamiento y la Salud”, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid-España.
2003-2009 Degree in Psychology in Universidad de Tarapacá, Arica-Chile.

Research experience
2014-2017 Research Support Professional in the “Instituto de Alta Investigación- Universidad de Tarapacá”

Research Interest
Last year, I started my PhD project with Dr. Marc Vía, in sound processing at the neural level and their association with different variant genetic. In this context, my purpose is to evaluate the role of genetic factors in the individual differences observed in sound processing of acoustic stimuli of different nature and at different levels of the auditory hierarchy.