Imma Clemente

Associate Professor. PI: Neurogenetics

I graduated in Biology at the University of Barcelona in 1982, and I got PhD in Biology at de Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1988 in the research group of Dr. Josep Egozcue. In 1987 I joined the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology. My research has focused on different but closely related areas. My main interest is in the study of the influence of candidate genes in cognition using different approaches such as ERPs or neuroimaging as endophenotypes in order to obtain relevant information about the cerebral structure and/or functioning. I have investigated the role of specific genetic loci in individual differences in cognitive aging, attention and recovery after cerebral injury like TBI or cerebral stroke. Current projects include identifying genetic loci involved in emotional processing on perception and cognition by means of electrophysiological measures (EEG).


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