Stefanie Sturm

PhD student (FI)
2015 – Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at the University of Freiburg (Germany)
2017 – Master of Arts in Cognitive Science and Language at the University of Barcelona
2018 – Master of Science in Brain and Cognition at the Pompeu-Fabra-University of Barcelona
Research interests
My PhD project is part of the Predictive processes in motor-sensory interactions research line (PI: Iria SanMiguel). My personal focus lies on auditory-motor interactions during associative learning and working memory tasks. I am especially interested in the role of agency for perception, learning and memory. I am also interested in the role of the cerebellum for predictive processing. For my PhD in the Brainlab, I am supervised by Iria SanMiguel and Jordi Costa-Faidella.
Outside of university, I enjoy writing (about research and other things) and drawing cartoons.
Zanella, M., Vitriolo, A., Andirko, A., Martins, P. T., Sturm, S., O’Rourke, T., … & Germain, P. L. (2019). Dosage analysis of the 7q11. 23 Williams region identifies BAZ1B as a major human gene patterning the modern human face and underlying self-domestication. Science Advances5(12).