Carolina Morales Guerrero

Research assistant

I graduated in Psychology and took my M.Sc. in Pediatric Neuropsychology at the University of Barcelona and did a 2-years clinic internship training at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. I joined the Brainlab as Master student and completed my master’s theses under the supervision of Dr. Carles Escera. My interest is to combine my clinical-applied training with the experimental approach that clinical research requires and for that reason I have carried out my research work under this line; to study the relationship between standardized neuropsychological tests and experimental neurophysiological measures in the neonatal and infant population.

Currently, I am working at the Brainlab as a research assistant and my research focus on holding the neuropsychological assessment in children that are enrolled in the ONA project.

Knowing more about these processes would help us to develop clinical tools to identify neonates at risk for delays in voice-pitch perception and formant encoding processing, and provide new directions for earlier and preventive interventions in the clinical area.