Sonia Arenillas

PhD student (FPI Maria de Maeztu)
Sonia Arenillas


2017 Master’s degree in Neuropsychology. University of Salamanca

2016 Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. University of Seville

Research experience

2017 – 2018

Research Technician at Laboratory of Animal Behavior and Neuroscience (LAB&N). University of Seville (Spain)

Research line: Involvement of corticostriatal projections in impulse control. Supervisor: Juan Pedro Vargas

2018 – 2019

Research Assitant at Brainlab – Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group. University of Barcelona (Spain). Research line: Encoding of speech sounds in newborns.

Research Interests

The part of the research that I love the most is that it allows us to improve our life in the future by developing new tools and knowledge that we can apply daily.

Considering that my field of interest is, among others, the part of psychology that is related to brain function, at this moment my research is focused on the characterization of the neuronal mechanisms that allow newborns to encode speech sounds by studying the auditory nervous system.

Knowing more about these processes would help us to develop new resources to detect future neurocognitive weakness since the first days of life in order to make the most of the period of great cerebral plasticity that the first years of life suppose.