Martina Trisia Cinca-Tomás

PhD student (FPI Institut de Neurociències)

I graduated in Law and Psychology at the University of Zaragoza and Barcelona respectively and I took my M.Sc. in Research in behavior and cognition at the University of Barcelona. I joined the Brainlab as an undergraduate student and completed my bachelor’s thesis under the supervision of Dr. Carles Escera and Dr. Jordi Costa-Faidella, and my master’s thesis under the supervision of Dr. Iria San Miguel. My bachelor’s thesis focused on auditory processing and language skills and my master’s thesis on predictive processing via motor-auditory interactions and how this processing interacts with memory. I have also worked at the Brainlab as a research assistant and my research focused on the mechanisms behind the learning of action-effect associations.

Currently, I am a PhD student, and my PhD project is part of the Cognitive neuroscience of attention and perception research line. My current research interests focus on how emotion affects attention and perception. Concretely, I focus on the study of a possible human subcortical auditory pathway for threat processing. For my PhD at the Brainlab, I am supervised by Judith Domínguez-Borràs and Iria SanMiguel.