University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Advanced Immunology

Tuition fees

Academic year 2023-2024 (updated on 07/2023)

Decree of tuition fees from Generalitat de Catalunya (GC), academic course 2023-2024
Agreement of the Social Council of the University of Barcelona related to the Master's price course 2022-2023

  • Official price: 27,67 /credit ( 60 ECTS = 1.660,2 )

  • UB Price: 27,67 /credit. This price applies to students: from the European Union, from member countries of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland, Andorra and China, and who can prove one year of residence in Spain, through the municipal register, in the moment of registration.

  • Price for students that do not comply the above requirements: 82 /credit (for 60 ECTS = 4.920 €)

Other Taxes
- Validation study (foreign access qualifications): 218,15

- Management of academic records: 69.80
- The specific Service support training: 70
- Student mandatoy insurance: 1,12 (for students over 28 years, the price of insurance is increased in 4,8 )
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