The teaching of History and the training of skills in the primary teacher

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Rojas González, C.A., Rojas Carvallo, N., y  Breijo Worosz, T. (2020). The teaching of History and the training of skills in the primary teacher. Mendive. Revista de educación 18. (2). 1-10.


The professionalization of teachers is a requirement that comes from social development, it quarantees quality in professional performance, and ist is expressed because of continuous training, it also, favors in their training, the development of a solid knowledge system, of intellectual and professional skills. This paper offers a characterization of the teaching of the History of Cuba for the professionalization of future graduates of the Degree in Primary Edcation, at the Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca University and a proposal of didactic actionsto transform the state current from the analysis of the main manifestations of the process of teacher professionalization.  Historical-logical methods, documentary analysis and survey were used. In parctice, it was shown that is application favors the learning of students in the specific historical content, and encourages the approach to the development of interests and professional skills. The implementatios of the scientific proposal offers a series of demonstrative results that is posssible and necesary to route the path of skills development in these future education professionals, and it, seeks to stimulate reflection on the subject in other cloisters and Primary teacher training contexts.

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