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BA in Anthropology, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina (2007).
MA in Archaeology, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain (2011).
PhD in Society and Culture, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain (2015).
Postdoctoral Fellow at Fitch Laboratory, British School at Athens (2017-2019).
Postdoctoral Fellow “Juan de la Cierva” at Universidad de Cádiz (2019-2021).


My main research interest is in the study of ancient materials, in particular pottery, through instrumental analytical techniques, as a way of obtaining information on their provenance and technology of production.

My PhD research was focused on the archaeometric study of Late Roman amphorae in northeastern Spain, through a combined petrographic, mineralogical and chemical approach, as a basis for investigating long-distance trade networks and economic interactions between this region and other Mediterranean areas in Late Antiquity (4th-7th centuries AD). I have been also involved in the analytical study of pottery from several archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, with a special focus on the field of Roman and Late Antique ceramics in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, but also from various sites such as Valencia (Spain) and Butrint (Albania), among others.

As a post-doctoral fellow, I have also conducted research on the archaeometric study of Punic transport amphorae from the so-called Punic Amphora Building at Corinth, with the objective of obtaining new evidence on the commercial relationships between Corinth and the western Mediterranean in the 5th century BC.

I have taken part in many research projects and archaeological excavations in Argentina (2002-2010) and Spain (since 2009), especially, since 2013, in the Roman and Late Antique city of Pollentia, Mallorca (Spain). In Argentina, I carried out research on the prehispanic societies of the Hualfín valley (Catamarca), through the study of their ceramic products and funerary practices.


2018/2021: Equip de Recerca Arqueològica i Arqueomètrica de la Universitat de Barcelona (ERAAUB) (ref. 2017SGR1043; PI: Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros).

2018/2021: Archaeology, Remote Sensing and Archaeometry: a Multidisciplinary Approach to Landscapes and Ceramics from the Roman to the Medieval Period in Mallorca (Balearic Islands) (ARCHREMOTELANDS: HAR2017-83335-P; PI: Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros).


Selected publications

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Cau, M. A., Tsantini, E., Fantuzzi, L., Ramon, J. 2017. Archaeometric characterization of Late Antique pottery from the rural site of Ses Païsses de Cala d’Hort (Eivissa, Balearic Islands, Spain). Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, doi 10.1007/s12520-017-0557-7.

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Fantuzzi L., Cau, M. A., Reynolds, P. 2013. Late Roman amphorae from the Eastern Mediterranean in North-eastern Spain: Some Remarks on their Distribution and Provenance. In L. Bombardieri, A. D’Agostino, G. Guarducci, V. Orsi and S. Valentini (eds.), SOMA 2012. Identity and Connectivity: Proceedings of the 16th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, Florence, Italy, 1–3 March 2012, pp. 1023-1032. BAR International Series 2581, Archaeopress, Oxford.