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Other current projects and studies

The Islamic pottery of Utica (Tunisia) (INP-Tunisie and Oxford University excavations) (from 2015). Paul Reynolds.
The Roman pottery of the ASCSA-University of California Lechaion Harbor and Settlement Land Project (Corinth, Greece). Paul Reynolds.
The Roman-Late Antique Pottery of Nicopolis-Actium (Epirus, Greece). Paul Reynolds.
The Roman-Late Antique pottery of the British excavations at Butrint (Albania): The Triconch Palace, Forum, Vrina Plain Excavations and Villa of Diaporit. Paul Reynolds.
The Imperial Roman amphorae of the American Excavations in the Athenian Agora. Paul Reynolds.
The Classical pottery of the Anglo-Lebanese excavations of the Beirut Souks (Lebanon). Paul Reynolds.
Other projects
British excavations at Zeugma-on-the-Euphrates (2002). Paul Reynolds.
British excavations at Leptis Magna (1997-1999). Paul Reynolds.
Canadian excavations at Bir el Jebbana, Carthage (Tunisia) (1996-1999). Paul Reynolds.