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The Anglo-Albanian excavations in the city of Butrint, Roman Buthrotum (Dir. Richard Hodges) were funded primarily by the Butrint Foundation and David Packard (Packard Humanities Institute, California). The excavations concentrated on several areas of the Roman town: the Late Roman ‘Triconch Palace’, the Roman Forum, the 1st century to Medieval occupation (large private houses, mausolea, pottery workshops, basilica, Byzantine residence), centuriation, aqueduct on the Vrina Plain, facing Butrint, across the Vivari Channel, and the Roman villa-basilica at Diaporit, on the eastern shore opposite Butrint (4 monographs on Butrint have been published by Oxbow). The pottery record comprises some 70000 catalogued sherds, from c. 2600 deposits. The ERAAUB is currently involved in the archaeometrical study of the Hellenistic and Roman ceramics of the site (funded by a Butrint Foundation grant).