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Proyecto interdisciplinario para la identificación de un nuevo centro de barrio en Teotihuacan (México).<>

Since 2017, this project is carried out in a multidisciplinary environment, through the collaboration with the Laboratorio de Prospección Arqueológica at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). The investigation focuses on the study of the central area of Teotihuacan (1-650 CE), in order to understand the organization of one neighborhood. Although the studied area is located in the center of the ancient city –to the east of the Street of Dead, between the Sun Pyramid and the San Juan River-, it is the first time that it has been studied.

The first phase of the research aims to identify the compound of the neighborhood center located in the so called N2E1 and N2E2 quadrants of the Millon map, as well as its internal organization and urban structures such as residentials areas, workshops, temples, plazas, etc. and their internal connections. The second phase will contribute to a better definition of the connection between the San Juan River and this area, and how the city used the river.

The fieldwork is being developed with the application of remote sensing, geophysical surveys, and surface data analysis. We are working with a combination of methods and techniques such as aerial photos with drones, magnetometry, ground penetrating radar, photogrammetry, chemical residues analysis, among others m2.

PIs: Natalia Moragas Segura (ERAAUB), Alessandra Pecci (ERAAUB), Luis Barba (Laboratorio de Prospección Arqueológica, IIA, UNAM), Agustín Ortiz (Laboratorio de Prospección Arqueológica, IIA, UNAM).

Participants: Scott J. Allen (UFPE), Donatella Barca (Università della Calabria), Domenico Miriello (Università della Calabria), Maria Torras Freixa (Gerda Henkel Foundation), Annabel Villalonga Gordaliza (UAB), Jorge Blancas (UNAM), Miquel Creus (ERAAUB, Gerda Henkel Foundation), Meztli Hernández Grajales (ERAAUB), Sergi Roig i Valero (UB), Marina Valls i García (UB).

Funding: Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte de España and Fundación Palarq