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It focuses on the study of ceramics from the Hellenistic era to Islamic times and the Mediterranean commercial dynamics, which are being studied both in the Western and Eastern Mediterranean in the frame of various projects that are still ongoing. Such emblematic sites as Beirut (Lebanon), Carthage (Tunisia), Athens (Greece), Butrint (Albania ), the world heritage sites of Butrint (Albania) and Nikopolis / Actium (Epirus, Greece); as well in Thesproteia (Epirus, Greece) and the Agora of Athens, or several areas in the western Mediterranean such as the Balearic Islands, Sardinia (Italy) or Peninsular Levant are the most important cases we are working on. In the Eastern Mediterranean, the study of ceramics from excavations will be continued in the Regarding Ceramic typologies in the Mediterranean, we emphasize our integration into the Ceramopôle group, the Levantine Ceramics Project and the Cyprus Amphorae Project. The creation of the series of Roman and Late Antique Mediterranean Pottery (RLAMP) (Archaeopress, Oxford) (Series Editors M. Bonifay, MA Cau and P. Reynolds) is a collection of reference for the publication of ceramic materials.