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ECLOC: Ecclesiae, coemeteria et loci (saec VIII-XI). Sancti Cirici de Colera, Sidilianum, Olerdola

The objective of the ECLOC / Ecclesiae, coemeteria et loci (saec VIII-XI). Sancti Cirici de Colera, Sidilianum, Olerdola / Churches, cemeteries and habitats (8th to 11th centuries), Sant Quirze de Colera, Sidillà, Olèrdola, is to continue the study initiated with the four-year previous project founded by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Quadrennial research projects in archaeology and palaeontology 2014-2017: 2014/100480 and 2018-2021: CLT009/18/00040). The study cases are the following: Sant Quirze de Colera /Sancti Cirici de Colera, a church with the cemetery and monastic living space, Sidillá/Sidilianum: a mausoleum and a church and a rural village and, finally, Olèrdola (Santa Maria outside walls / Pla dels Albats), a church with cemetery and habitat. ECLOC aims to generate knowledge and establish future research lines on aspects such as how the territory is structured between the 8th and 11th centuries in those type of complexes. On the one hand, we expect scientific results, on the other one of the most important deliverables is the recovery and conservation of the patrimony. Therefore, all the actions and interventions that we carry out in the framework of the ECLOC are echoing this premise. Nevertheless, it aims for the deeper understanding of those processes in micro-regions. It has started in 2014 and already has provided results of great importance generating new knowledge on those transition periods (8th to 11th centuries). There is a general lack of historical and scientific knowledge for those centuries, therefore, an in-depth study, besides generating new knowledge will provide a methodological frame for the future research of those type of complexes.