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This research line aims the application of the experimental sciences to the study of archaeological ceramics focusing on provenance, technology, raw material, composition, physical properties, alteration and/or contamination issues, and theoretical aspects of archaeometry.

We work in a wide range of chronologies from the Neolithic to the Islamic period. We have a particular interest in late antique and early medieval ceramics in the Western Mediterranean. We have studied a wide range of pottery including cooking pots, amphorae, common wares, fine wares as well as building materials. Recently, this research line has been extended to the study of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Another strength is the archaeometric research of the Roman amphorae produced in northeastern Hispania Citerior-Tarraconensis, interpreting production, consumption and distribution patterns.

Finally, in Central Asia where we are focused on the identification of productions and the technological patterns under different socioeconomic and historical-cultural contexts (Bronze an Iron Age, Achaemenid Empire, Hellenic and Greco-Bactrian kingdom, Yuezhi state, Kushan-Sassanian Empire and Islamic period).