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The evolution of human groups is closely related to the vegetation, climate, and environment and the way past populations used the available resources. There are four important moments in the history of humankind directly linked to important climatic, vegetation, and environmental changes and which modified the use humans made of the available vegetal resources: 1) emergence of early Homos during the Plio-Pleistocene and Lower Pleistocene in Africa; 2) emergence of Anatomically modern Homo populations in Africa and Neanderthal populations in Europe and Asia; c) development of agricultural and herding practices and d) evolution of urban centers.

The “Paleo” line of research has been subdivided into four different areas of research closely linked to these four moments. The purposes of our study are: advancing on our knowledge on the environment and its influence on our physical and cognitive capacities; to examine this environment as a source of vegetal resources necessary for survival and, finally to identify the impact caused by the use of these resources on the environment.



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