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As a consequence of 20 years of research on the ceramic repertoire of Butrint-Roman Buthrotum (Albania), formerly part of Greek Epirus, and extension of this line of enquiry into Greek Epirus (Thesproteia, Nikopolis) and more recently into the northern Peloponnese (Patras and Corinth-Lechaion), Paul Reynolds has focused his research on the definition of regional ceramic typologies, the publishing of key ceramic contexts and the investigation of ceramic connections across the region.

Problems in the separation, characterisation and sourcing of macroscopically indistinguishable fine buff fine wares amphorae and plain wares (Apulian, Corfiote, Epirote, Cretan?) have been successfully tackled through tactical archaeometrical analyses (petrology and chemical), work carried out in collaboration with Leandro Fantuzzi (ERAAUB) and Eva Tsantini (ERAAUB) funded at this stage by a Butrint Foundation grant (BF 15/11. Archaeometrical analysis of Butrint classical pottery). First results of the thin-section analyses, not only of the buff-coloured wares but also of the imported amphorae and cooking wares from southern Italy and the Aegean, have now appeared in print (Reynolds 2020).

The co-direction (with Ioannis Iliopoulos, University of Patras-ERAAUB) of Nikoula Kougia`s PhD on the archaeometrical-typological study of ceramic production in the Roman colony of Patras has already begun to bear fruit, with the typological definition and sampling of grey and red slipped fine wares, as well as buff plain wares, that are most probably products of the numerous early Roman kiln sites in the city.

The inter-comparison of archaeometrical results from Patras, Butrint and, it is hoped, Nikopolis, Corinth, Messene, Gortyna and Brindisi (all with a similar repertoire of imports), will focus on the sourcing of shared imports and definition of shipping routes.