Lab trainings-Research groups

We also offer to our incoming students the chance of undertaking “Laboratory training” recognized with 15 ECTS (half time) or 30 ECTS (full time). The time you should spend in a 30ECTS Lab Training would correspond to a full time job (7-8h per day) and to a part time job (4-5h per day) in the case of 15ECTS Lab Training. In that case, incoming students should contact themselves with the Research Group and obtain an acceptation before coming to our Faculty.

Steps for applying to an Internship at our Faculty

1- Check the research group you are interested in here

2- Contact the head of the group by e-mail showing that you are interested in becoming a part of the group + CV + Letter of motivation. If the head of the group agrees to have you as a trainee, then you will have to fill in an Internship Confirmation document (in case you come with the Erasmus Internship Programme) and send it to the head of the group to sign it. Finally, send it to If you come to do a lab training with the Erasmus Student Programme, the only document required would be an acceptance letter from the research group.

In case you come under the framework of the Erasmus Student Programme you can also check :

Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Other Research Institutions  (If you find a research group in an institution other than the faculty of biology please, contact us because it might be necessary to make some traineeship agreement with the institution)

·         Institut de Biomedicina  UB

·         Institut de Neurociències UB

·         Institute de Nanociències i Nanotecnologia UB

·         Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia

·         Institut de Recerca de Barcelona (Biomedicine)

·         CSIC (Spanish Research Council)

o   Developmental Biology and Biomedicine

o   Molecular Biology and Biomedicine

o   Ecology

o   Marine Science

·         IDIBAPS (Biomedicine)

·         IDIBELL (Biomedicine)

·         CRAG (Agrobiology)

·         IBE (Evolutive Biology)

·         CREAF (Ecology)



3. Complete and send the Online application

4. Once completed, send this documents by post mail:

  • Two printed copies of your online application form for admission duly completed and signed by your tutor at your home university;
  • A certificate signed by your home University attesting your participation on the program
  • Internsip confirmation (if ytou come with the Erasmus Internship Programme)
  • 2 passport-sized photographs;
  • Certificate of language level

To the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Biology – University of Barcelona:

Oficina de Relacions Internacionals
Facultat de Biologia
Av. Diagonal, 643
08028 Barcelona

5. Read the "Before arriving" section