Calendar & welcome session

The semester in our faculty starts the second week of September approximately, every year might be a bit different depending on the calendar.The week before classes start, we will have a welcome session for incoming students where we will inform you about steps to follow once you are here. For the second semester, classes start approximately at the beginning of February and we also have a welcome session the week before.



First semester

Second semester

Welcome session

September 10th

Teaching 1st semester

From September 12th to December 20th

From January 8th to January 10th

Christmas Holidays

From December 21st to January 7th

Exams period 1st semester

From January 13th to January 31st



Welcome session

February 7th

Teaching 2nd semester

From February 10th to April 3rd

From April 14th to May 29th

Easter Holidays:

From April 4th to April 13th

Exams period 2nd semester:

From June 2nd to June 26th



Local or national festivities

September 24th

November 1st

December 6th

May 1st

June 1st

June 10th



Institutional festivities

November 15th

April 23rd