Incoming students at the faculty of biology have the possibility of taking either bachelor, master or Lab training courses. We recommend a minimum course load of 15 ECTS for one semester or 30 ECTS for the whole year. Here it follows information about the different possibilities you have.

The Faculty of Biology offers the following Bachelor degrees:

 EHEA Bachelor's Degree in Biology

 EHEA Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Sciences

 EHEA Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology

 EHEA Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Sciences

 EHEA Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry

and the following Master and Postgraduate programmes:

Advanced Immunology

Advanced Microbiology



Biological Anthropology

Ecology, Environmental Management and Restoration


Environmental Agrobiology

Genetics and Genomics

Integrative physiology


Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management



We also participate in the following Master programmes:


Molecular Biotechnology

Plant biology, genomics and biotechnology


Bachelor’s courses (subjects) in English

At the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona, we have five Bachelor degrees (4 years): Biology, Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences. As an exchange student, you are able to take courses from any of the five Bachelor programs, combining them as you wish.

This is our faculty website:

 If you want to check a bachelor program, you have to click at:

“Oferta d’estudis de grau” > Choose a Bachelor program >“Guia acadèmica: professorat, programes, horais, exàmens etc.” > “Assignatures, plans docents, professorat, horaris I exàmens”.

You can take any subject in Catalan/Spanish. But if you don't speak them, we also have courses in English which are:

Course Semester and BSC Semester  Schedule 2019-20 
Cytology  1st year Bsc Biomedical Sciences 1st semester  
Cell Biology 2nd year Bsc Biochemistry 1st semester  
Laboratory III  3rd year Bsc Biochemistry 1st semester  
Cancer Biology  3rd year Bsc Biomedical Sciences 1st semester

05/11- 20/12

5 h/week

each Tue/Wed/Fri (afternoon)

Genetic Engineering 3rd year Bsc Biotechnology 1st semester

12/09- 3/10  

4-5 h each Mon/Wed/Fri

Trangenesis and Animal Breeding 3rd year Bsc Biotechnology 1st semester

3/10- 29/11 

2 h each Mon/Wed/Fri

Immunology 3rd year Bsc Biotechnology 1st semester

29/11- 15/01

2h each Mon/Wed/Fri

Design and Evaluation of Bioactive Molecules 4th year Bsc Biochemistry 2nd semester  
Immunology 3rd year Bsc Biomedical Sciences 2nd semester  
Immunology 3rd year Bsc Biochemistry 2nd semester  
Neurogenetics of Behaviour 4th year Bsc Biomedical Sciences 2nd semester  
Research project Development 4th year Bsc Biomedical Sciences 2nd semester  
Genetic diseases 4th year Bsc Biomedical Sciences 2nd semester  

Syllabus of the courses taught in English

We recommend having some knowledge in Catalan/Spanish before coming to Barcelona, which will make much easier your stay here. Nevertheless, if you do not know the language we encourage you to learn them, there are specific courses for exchange students at the University. If you already speak Spanish we encourage you to learn Catalan which will not be difficult as they are similar languages.

Master’s courses (subjects) in English

As an exchange student, you are also able to take Master courses. Nevertheless, you have to take into account that Bachelor courses in our faculty are four years long in contrast with most Bachelors in Europe of three years, so a master course would correspond to the fifth year of studies. 

This makes sometimes difficult that an incoming Bachelor student in his/her 2nd/3rd year of studies has an academic background long enough to follow Master courses correctly. In addition to that, Master courses have limited places available and students taking the complete Master programme have priority in front of exchange students. This situation makes necessary that the Master coordination gives their acceptance to Exchange Students applying for the courses based on student academic background and places available.

At the Faculty of Biology, we have eleven master programs. You can check their programs here.

Master programs have a wide offer of courses taught  in English and we have one master fully done in English: Msc in Genetics and genomics. There are other masters offering courses in English such as master in Biomedicine, Molecular Biotechnology (faculty of Pharmacy), Immunology...

Masters offering courses in English:

Master in Biomedicine

15 courses of 3 ECTS in English:

- Experimental Models in Biomedicine (3 ECTS)

- From Bench to Bedside: Translation to the Clinic of Advances in Biomedical  Research (3 ECTS)

- Scientific Communication (3 ECTS)

- Molecular Principles and Cancer Research (3 ECTS)

- Molecular Principles and Research in Metabolism and Endocrinology (3 ECTS)

- Molecular Principles and Research in Infectious Disease and Immunology (3 ECTS)

- Advances in the Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Transformation (3 ECTS)

- Advances in the Molecular Mechanisms involved in the Progression and Spread of Cancer (3 ECTS)

- Molecular and Cellular Principles and Pathophysiology of Diabetes (3 ECTS)

- Molecular and Cellular Principles and Pathophysiology of Obesity (3 ECTS)

- New and Translational Therapies in Metabolic Disease (3 ECTS)

- Fluorescence Microscopy Techniques (3 ECTS)

- Epigenetics: Mechanisms and Applications in Biomedicine (3 ECTS)

- Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (3 ECTS)

- Research, Development and Innovation Management (3 ECTS)

(see the full curriculum here)

Master in Immunology

7 courses of 2,5 ECTS in English:

- Anatomy of the immune system (2,5 ECTS)

- Activation and signal transduction (2,5 ECTS)

- Regulation of theimmune response (2,5 ECTS)

- Immunogenetics (2,5 ECTS)

- Immunopathology (2,5 ECTS)

- Autoimmunity (2,5 ECTS)

- Immunodeficiencies and AIDS (2,5 ECTS)

Master in Neurosciences

6 courses of 2,5 ECTS in English:

- Basis of cognitive neuroscience (2,5 ECTS)

- Brain waves and cognition (2,5 ECTS)

- Cellular and molecular basis of neural plasticity (2,5 ECTS)

- Computational Neuroscience (2,5 ECTS)

- Neurocognitive development (2,5 ECTS)

- Molecular biology of ion channels, receptors and transporters (2,5 ECTS)

Master in Molecular Biotechnology

12 courses (5 ECTS) in English:

Ethical, legal and management aspects of  R&D and entrepreneurship in biotechnology (5 ECTS)

Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics (5 ECTS)

Genetic and molecular bases of Biotechnology (5 ECTS)

Biotechnological applications (5 ECTS)

Structure and analysis of biomolecules (5 ECTS)

Nanobiotechnology (5 ECTS)

Research seminars (5 ECTS)

Biotechnology of water and soil: Bioremediation (5 ECTS)

Molecular Diagnosis (5 ECTS)

Gene and Cell Therapy (5 ECTS)

Plant Biotechnology (5 ECTS)

Animal Biotechnology (5 ECTS)

Master in Genetics and Genomics  (fully in English)


Please, note that as an exchange student you will be able to apply for master courses from all master programs except: Bioinformatics and biostatistics, Bioinformatics for health sciences, International education in vaccine.

You will have to fill in a document where you will have to write the master courses you would like to do. Once we have it, we will send it to master coordinators attaching your transcript of records so they decide whether they can accept you or not. If you receive a negative response about a master course, the coordinator will recommend you another course if she/he thinks you can take it.

Incoming students are allowed to take courses from faculties other than biology as long as the credits (ECTS) done in another faculty do not exceed the 50% of the total amount of credits that are done in the University of Barcelona. In other words, you have to take at least 50% of your credits at the Faculty of Biology.

If you want to take a course from another Faculty, you need specific approval. You have to fill in the specific document and send it to the International Relations Office of the other faculty. Once you have it signed you have to forward it to our mail. If you want to take courses from other faculties ask us for the document and we will send it to you.

Lab-trainings and internships (research project)

Please visit the Lab-trainings section